Thursday, October 27, 2011

I am a hired man.

Yeah, God knows what they were thinking... (seriously, thank you Teresa x 1000)

It is true -- I have a new job now. After all, I am in my last semester at SFU and if I were to get some job experiences under my belt before I dive into the world of poverty -- the time would be now. Seeing how I am only taking three classes, I started job hunting -- well, the iPhone 4S is not going to pay for itself. Neither will the rent. Nor the surging gas prices. And this is ignoring all other expenses such as *long gasp* foodgroceriesphonebillscablebillsinternetbillshydrobillscarinsuranceandetc.

This was about the time when Teresa told me that her workplace is hiring, so I gave it a shot. Next thing I knew, I got myself an interview. Et voilĂ , I got myself a new job. I know I know, I don't know what they saw in me either.

In all seriousness, it's been over a year already since I had a proper job -- the last one being Zephyr, where I had to make what felt like a million bubble tea drinks per night to satisfy the sheer thirst of the people of Richmond... and myself. Don't get me wrong though, I loved the place.

Still, it has been a while since I worked. So when I stepped in yesterday for my first shift, I was naturally rather nervous -- like a rookie at a training camp (which is coincidentally the title they came up with for their training manual, appropriately.)

So it helps when I realized that it wasn't only my first day on the job, as I was starting my job training with four other people. It definitely helps to know that you are not the only one who is utterly clueless about everything (unlike say, me in a math class where I am mostly the lone idiot), but that there are also new people to start at the bottom of the learning curve too. Although one of them was an employee who transferred from Nova Scotia... So she knows everything.

Anyways, we didn't actually get to do much either. Much of the day was spent going over the training booklet and the rest spent on a guided tour of the entire store to get a good feel of the place. Everyone was nice and seemed to enjoy themselves.

It felt less like a first day at work but more like it's the first day at school -- it was relaxed, and people were given the time to let things sink in to make sure that everyone was on the same page. In other words, it was nice -- if this was at T&T, people would throw you an apron and tell you to get out there to be consumed by an angry mob of Asian housewives (otherwise known as weekend at Metrotown).

So yeah, I'd say the first day went splendidly. Plus, here I am, hired with my very own name tag, a Sport Chek t-shirt and everything. And if you be nice to me, I'd let you use my discounts.

The best thing though? I get to wear my Canucks jersey at work on game days. Booyah.


  1. lol... i can't believe how much i enjoyed reading this. XD congrats, btw!

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  4. That was just all kinds of fail, Teresa. LOL