Wednesday, December 26, 2012


It is long overdue, but my photo website / portfolio is finally here. I figured that if I was to be doing this photography thing on the side anyway, it would be helpful to have something that people could... You know, witness my greatness and all. Or lack thereof.

After about two weeks of construction, my web portfolio finally online. The process hasn't been the easiest -- compiling what I think are the best work I've done in the past couple of years is a surprisingly tedious process (a.k.a. "There is too much to choose from!"). After the photos are chosen, then came the production of the actual website. Now, there are handful of webpages nowadays that would allow users to design and put up a website without making it seem like studying organic chemistry. I found one easily in this otherwise fantastic site called weebly -- which allows me to do precisely that. Theoretically.

But wait a minute, there is more. After you pick the host, then came the design of the site, which presented itself with a dizzying selection of colours, fonts, and themes -- some able to make your website look like the Sistine Chapel, while others have the aesthetic properties of Piers Morgan's face. Selecting the right one took quite a good deal of patience -- the kind of patience one requires during a fishing trip. Or a curling tournament.

When you finally get all that sorted out, you move on to the single most important element of your web photo portfolio -- the logo. The logo could be the difference between the audience being interested enough to stay on website or hovering the cursor back to their facebook account. Creating a logo of my liking was probably the most challenging thing I've partaken since the last time I sat in a math final -- even more so for a guy such as I, who can't draw a Pontiac Aztek even if I wanted to, let alone drawing on a computer. With much struggle, the logo alone took me almost a week to finish designing, only to find out that it takes Alice Ho 5 minutes to design the one above that looks a whole lot more awesome than my original... So yeah, massive boost to my ego there. (really though, thanks!)

Nevertheless, with great pleasure and relief -- I present to you my new photo web-folio.

... And yes, I need to think of a better way to call my photo-lio.

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