About Simon Tse

Smart; aggressive; strong -- these are only a couple of things that Simon Tse is really, really not. A clustered blend of Honger, Chinese, British (until 1997 anyways), American (who isn't nowadays?) and Canadian. Born and raised in Hong Kong, grew up listening to The Beatles and watching Friends, yet somehow ended up being a diehard Vancouverite. Such is the life of Simon Tse -- a life with many baffling twists and turns.

Drives a Volkswagen but wants an Audi; admires Stephen Fry but yearns for his intelligence; cheers for the Vancouver Canucks but wishes for the Stanley Cup -- he fully understands that life is often full of disappointment.

He is also a graduate at Simon Fraser University, majoring in Communication and minoring in Political Science, so he is currently a cashier at Sport Chek. Oh well, money is so overrated anyway. Although he does use his camera to make some money from time to time. He also likes writing too -- provided that it is not for school and not pressured by marking rubrics -- hence this blog.

Anyways, yes -- this is his blog. Make yourself comfortable. Think of this blog as the Seinfeld of blogs -- a blog about nothing but merely a collection of random thoughts and scribblings, minus the funny. And the smart. And the aggressive.

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